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Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law represents healthcare payers, workers’ compensation insurers, and individuals who have incurred losses caused by a third party. In subrogation and recovery matters throughout the United States, we bring decades of experience and resources to the counsel table for each client.

With top litigators and prominent industry innovators, we creatively and aggressively pursue maximum results while providing efficient, client-focused service. We concentrate our practice on claims related to losses incurred due to the use of prescription drugs or medical devices, toxic exposures, and serious workplace injuries. Our attorneys are widely recognized as leaders in these highly complex areas, and we obtain significant recoveries for our clients in some of the most difficult cases.

The firm was formed to confront a specific and growing problem: steeply rising healthcare expenses for healthcare payers and workplace insurers. A significant portion of these expenses is associated with treatments for injuries or chronic diseases caused by prescription drugs, medical devices or toxic exposures. Often, the parties responsible for causing these injuries are not identified or held accountable. With the aid of strategic partners to provide technology platforms to assist in investigating claims, the attorneys at Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law concentrate on specific product categories that other attorneys and providers often ignore, offering healthcare payers and workplace insurers the opportunity to recover payments on high-dollar claims that would otherwise have been overlooked.

Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law takes a proactive approach to subrogation on behalf of its clients. Our attorneys actively litigate and pursue third parties who negatively impact the healthcare and workers compensation expenses of our clients. The firm’s depth of experience, commitment to client service, and use of state-of-the-art technology provide our clients the opportunity to secure large recoveries in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our Attorneys

The attorneys at Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law are pioneers in subrogation and complex litigation. Each with vast experience and knowledge in specific areas, they work together with strategic partners who provide technology platforms that assist in identifying and effectively pursuing claims. Our team includes top litigators and industry innovators who are consistently and broadly recognized as being among the most prominent attorneys in the field. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to lecture and provide training to lawyers, judges, insurance companies, health plans, benefits managers and other professional groups.

Client advocacy is paramount at Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law; every member of our team is focused on maximizing results for our clients.

Our Values

In representing our clients, the attorneys at Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law always exemplify and embody our core values:

Respect. Our attorneys demonstrate the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. We understand the needs and concerns of our clients, and respond with direct, sound advice.

Accessibility. We are committed to keeping clients engaged and informed by communicating important updates and answering questions throughout the recovery process.

Tenacity.  Our attorneys are persistent in their investigation and pursuit of complex claims. We are dedicated to maximizing recoveries for our clients on every case.


Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law has a strategic relationship with Healthcare Recovery Solutions (HRS). HRS is the first and only organization to use powerful, patented software to identify specialized subrogation claims. Using this state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, HRS reviews medical claims and prescription data and identifies previously unknown subrogation opportunities for healthcare payers and funds. This patented process provides healthcare payers the opportunity to pursue recovery of expenses paid—due to illness or harm caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices and toxic exposures—that would otherwise have been overlooked.