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Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law is unique because of our:

Client Service. Our team of attorneys serves each and every client with courtesy, respect and personalized attention. We are focused on results, and are highly accessible and engaged, keeping our clients informed and putting them at ease throughout the recovery process.

Focused Practice and Proven Results. Our attorneys concentrate their efforts on pursuing subrogation opportunities resulting from expenses and damages caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices, toxic exposures, and third-party workplace incidents. By concentrating our practice in certain product groups, and litigating multiple cases involving the same product, the attorneys of Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law are able to leverage their knowledge and experience to identify frequently overlooked theories of liability and to litigate cases in a cost-efficient manner.

Technology. Our strategic relationship with Healthcare Recovery Solutions (HRS) provides opportunities for healthcare payers to recover expenses paid due to injuries caused by pharmaceuticals, defective devices and toxic exposures that were previously unidentified or would otherwise have gone unrecognized.

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