Success: Medical Device Cases

Many workers and health plan participants have been able to extend their work life and improve their quality of life through advances in medicine and technology. Such advances have often allowed for the implantation of a variety of types of devices to replace failing joints, improve heart function, relieve pain, or improve some other body function.   In recent years, however, a host of medical devices including certain heart devices, pain pumps, artificial hips and knees and other medical devices have proven to be dangerously defective.  Medical expenses for treating the consequences of these defective devices and the resulting complications can total $100,000 or more. These expenses are frequently paid by healthcare payors, self-insured employers, or workers’ compensation carriers.

Companies that manufacture products to be implanted in patients have an obligation to ensure that the devices they manufacture and distribute are not defective and will not fail prematurely or cause additional harm.  When a medical device manufacturer fails to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the device, the manufacturer may be responsible for the cost of replacing the product and the expenses associated with the additional harm caused by the product.

The attorneys of Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law represent individuals and healthcare payors who have incurred medical expenses and other damages caused by defective medical devices.