Success: Product Liability Cases

When a worker or health and welfare plan participant is injured or killed by a product that is defectively designed, built, or malfunctions, the company that designed, built, or sold that product may be strictly liable for the damages caused by the defective product.

The attorneys of Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law have successfully handled cases involving the defective design and manufacture of various products—from toxic exposures to chemicals and materials to dangerous and defective vehicles, industrial machinery, tools and equipment, and consumer products.

Our attorneys have secured many multi-million-dollar product liability verdicts and settlements, thereby significantly increasing recoveries relating to health and welfare and workers’ compensation subrogation issues.


$5.3 million. Settlement for a worker who suffered a crushed hand while working on equipment that lacked appropriate guarding.

$4.5 million. Settlement for a worker who was injured by equipment that failed to provide appropriate guarding mechanisms.

$4.2 million. Settlement for a worker who was injured when the aerial lift he was operating malfunctioned.

$4 million. Settlement for a worker who sustained a serious leg injury when the industrial powered vehicle he was operating overturned. The vehicle lacked an appropriate occupant restraint system.