Employers & Workplace Insurers: Maximizing Recoveries

When a worker experiences a significant injury or illness on the job, a workers’ compensation insurer may be confronted with high expenses for medical care and lost wages. Such incidents can also have a longstanding negative impact on a workers’ compensation insurer’s financial health. If these expenses are not recovered through third-party subrogation, this can negatively impact the insurer’s rating and raise its premium costs. Subrogation is a crucial tool to help workers’ compensation insurers control costs, and for employers to keep their premiums low.

Employers and workplace insurers rely upon Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law to support their workers’ compensation subrogation programs. It is imperative to pursue subrogation recoveries in an efficient manner. A prompt and effective response to a workplace incident is often the determining factor in whether the employer or carrier is ultimately able to recover benefits paid. Our attorneys apply knowledge and expertise to preserve necessary evidence, assist in the investigation of the accident, and fully analyze all legal issues involved. Through the combined efforts and experience of our attorneys, we efficiently—and consistently—maximize workers’ compensation recoveries.


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