A Focused Practice

At Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law, we concentrate our practice exclusively in complex subrogation:

Healthcare Subrogation »

Our concentration on specific product groups (pharmaceuticals, medical devices and toxic exposures) enables healthcare payers to potentially obtain significant recoveries for claims paid in these areas.   By focusing exclusively on these areas, while other law firms pursue more traditional subrogation matters for their clients, we ensure that healthcare payers are effectively identifying additional recovery opportunities, increasing the total dollars recovered, and positively impacting their overall subrogation recoveries.

Workers’ Compensation Subrogation »

Our team has extensive experience investigating defective products and workplace incidents. Our efforts help maximize recoveries for carriers, employers and employees, as well as make the workplace safer.

Complex Litigation for Individuals and Plan Participants »

Our attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to obtain potential recoveries on behalf of plan participants adversely impacted by pharmaceuticals, medical devices, toxic exposures and workplace incidents.