The Healthcare Subrogation Solution



The Vital Role of Healthcare Subrogation

Healthcare subrogation is a legal process designed to ensure that the expenses related to third-party liability are reimbursed to the healthcare payer. Moreover, administrators and payers of these benefits have affirmative legal and contractual obligations to ensure that these expenses are recovered from the responsible third party. Unfortunately, healthcare payers and plans typically lack the necessary tools to identify and pursue recovery opportunities related to high-expense, complex claims, such as those caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices and toxic exposures.  Healthcare subrogation provides healthcare payers the opportunity to pursue the recovery of these expenses.

Going Beyond Current Subrogation Programs

Many healthcare payers already have subrogation programs. However, most are focused on recovering medical expenses related to automobile accidents, duplicative payments and slip-and-fall matters. Very few healthcare payers have subrogation programs that include a focus on high-expense, complex claims, such as those related to harm caused by medical devices, pharmaceuticals and toxic exposures. These are among the most expensive and most often unidentified types of claims.

The Schwarz Mongeluzzi Solution

While many insurers and payers rely on a “wait and see” approach to subrogation, Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law uses a pro-active approach. The firm assists healthcare payers in identifying and recovering outstanding liens. Moreover, our team of attorneys assists healthcare payers to investigate, identify and pursue direct claims for subrogation reimbursement for high-expense claims brought about by harm caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices and toxic exposures.