The High Cost of Workplace Injuries

Employers strive to manage risk and enhance safety, but even the best risk-management programs cannot eliminate all employee injuries and illnesses. Injuries that result from third-party negligence or defective products can lead to particularly devastating injuries, resulting in significant medical expenditures. Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law has extensive experience in investigating defective products and workplace incidents on behalf of employees, employers and workplace insurers throughout the United States.

A Strategic Approach to Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

Determining the cause of a workplace incident can be complex, and the most serious incidents require comprehensive analysis and review. A prompt response is necessary to preserve evidence and can be the determining factor in whether the employer or carrier is able to recover the expenses incurred due to these incidents. When a responsible third party is identified, legal representation with the proper experience is necessary to effectively and efficiently pursue the case.

Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in workers’ compensation subrogation. We routinely provide training to employers and lecture at insurance industry conferences on topics such as accident investigations, product defects and legal developments. We have also represented the interests of national insurance associations, including the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, in appellate courts on critical legal issues.