What is Subrogation?

Subrogation in Healthcare

Healthcare subrogation is a crucial tool that allows health plans to recover medical expenses paid to treat participants’ injuries caused by a third party. Healthcare payers are able to recover these expenses if the claims are identified and pursued in an efficient and effective manner.

However, healthcare payers and plans typically lack the necessary tools to target subrogation opportunities in some of the most expensive areas. Claims involving dangerous prescription drugs, defective medical devices and toxic exposures can be especially difficult to identify and pursue.

Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law provides effective legal solutions to identify these specialized claims. Through a strategic partnership with Healthcare Recovery Solutions (HRS), we effectively identify claims that other providers often do not.  With our extensive knowledge and innovative data analytics, we are able to effectively pursue these claims and maximize recovery for healthcare payers.

Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law takes a pro-active approach toward enforcing our clients’ rights. We are prepared to pursue lien enforcement claims, as well as institute direct actions against the responsible parties to ensure that the healthcare payer is not left to pay for medical expenses that are the responsibility of another party.

Subrogation in the Workplace

Workers’ compensation subrogation allows a workers’ compensation carrier to recover expenses paid for medical care and lost wages. When an incident occurs, experienced counsel must be retained to pinpoint the cause of the incident, and it is crucial for the employer to institute an immediate investigation. If an equipment defect is discovered, our legal counsel will act swiftly to hold the manufacturer of the faulty equipment responsible. Schwarz Mongeluzzi law has experience investigating and litigating complex workers’ compensation subrogation cases nationwide, and will ensure that recovery is pursued in the most effective and efficient manner.